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Entertainer Wales UK

My Health Problems

(A TRUE story to inspire others)

              During my lifetime I have had to endure the pain and heartache of getting through not just one kidney transplant but TWO. From a very early age I was told that my kidneys would fail me eventually, so I knew that my life was not gonna be just plain sailing. But the difference with me was that the talent of music and singing was given to me from birth and along with my stubborn will has got me through all the times when I could have so easily given up. My advice to anyone going through similar pain and heartache is keep going, be strong and focus on the talents you do have and if you can muster a strong attitude you can fight your way through just about anything.

              My last kidney transplant was about 5 years ago after a very long time (3 and a half years) on dialysis. I am now quite fit and well and able to enjoy life again, but most importantly to me, practice my craft of music and singing. Even though the music industry puts great demands on it's artistes etc I still believe that I have a great deal to offer and will strive to be the best I can at what I do, but more importantly enjoy my life as a female vocalist. To this end, in my charity work, I now help to put a little back into the people and organisations that have helped me beat my health problems, by raising money via "The Welsh Kidney Foundation" and "Motability".

Personal Message from singer Liza Starlight

"As a recipient of a kidney transplant twice over in my lifetime I fully support the work of Kidney Foundation Wales and the other organ donation organisations who are desperately trying to increase the amount of usable organs for transplant to allow people like myself suffering with diseased organs to have the chance of a "normal" full life and achieve their full potential.

I would also like to add my support to the work of the Welsh Assembly who are trying to bring about an "opt out" system of organ donation where by your organs will be donated automatically unless you positively opt out of wanting to do so."