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Us singers work hard for a pay cheque each week.

At the end of 5 days we can barely just speak.

Our tonsils and larynx get covered in smoke,

By the punters who cause it, it’s really no joke.

We need to take items like perfume and comb.

Then start drinking water so we can drive home.

But some spend their time drinking plenty of booze.

While their partners drive home, they’ve got nothing to lose.

But being a singer is really quite tough.

Cause the places we do can be dreadfully rough.

And the agents who put us in venues we hate.

Are the first to go crazy if we get there late.

Now I’ve got some friends who are in the same game.

And I have to admit that their outlook's the same.

They may be booked in a place that looks mad.

But they won’t hang around if the area’s bad.

No, they’ve got a system of which I know.

That when they don’t like it, they pack up and go.

They’ll get to the door and they won’t hang about.

They pick up their gear and wander off out.

That’s the best way to avoid a hard time.

Of dodging those bottles of “lemon and lime.”

I’m told that it’s better to take off and run.

Than to take part in action of fist fulls of fun.

And so at the moment I’m just right here sitting.

And thinking of how I might just take up knitting.

The Weather In Wales by L. Baker 

Wales Weather Service -

The weather here is rather crazy

It can make you feel quite lazy.

You can’t go outside to have fun,

Cause there’s never any sun.

You don’t know what you’re gonna get.

But you know it will be wet.

You’re never really in the know.

As to whether it will sleet or snow.

The wind is whistling in the trees.

The flowers never see the bees.

And all because the sun won’t shine.

In fact the weathers never fine.

I’ve put my washing out to dry.

And as I look up at the sky.

I find myself in a right blunder.

I can hear the crash of thunder.

Suddenly down comes the rain.

And crashes on my window pain.

There’s puddles all over the floor.

I need that coat I wore before.

Once in summer I was kipping.

Suddenly it started tipping.

A thick mist came and filled the air.

Up until then it was fair.

If we could have just one good day.

I bet we’d all shout out Hooray.

The chance of that though looks quite slim.

The forecast for today is dim.

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