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Anastacia Tribute

Anastacia Tribute Show

 Anastacia Tribute

Liza Starlight`s tribute show to Anastacia is a spectacle of her music, lighting and atmosphere.

Liza is fast becoming one of the most versatile and quality Multi Tribute artists in the country, with her ability to change the characteristics of her voice to suit the artist she is tributing at will. She has performed her tribute shows all over the world and is recognised as a top female tribute artist in the UK.

Liza includes all Anastacia`s hits and more with her amazing vocal ability. Her attention to detail regarding costumes and imitating Anastacia`s performance is uncanny. Liza includes songs in her Anastacia Tribute show such as `I'm Outta Love`, `One Day In Your Life`, `You'll Never Be Alone` and `Left Outside Alone`.

Here is Liza singing

One Day In Your Life

00:00 / 03:24

Set List

I'm Outta Love

Not That Kind

Cowboys & Kisses

Paid My Dues

One Day In Your Life

Why'd You Lie To Me

You'll Never Be Alone

Left Outside Alone

Sick And Tired

Welcome To My Truth

Heavy On My Heart

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Anastacia Tribute

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